We started our business producing glass portraits...every

portraits carries the Murano Glass Trademark Lablestick,  the guarantee of our factory, and is sold in an elegant gift box.

We produce three sizes of glass portraits..

the 10x13 cm.(internal: 6.3x9 cm)

the 14x19 cm.(internal:10x15 cm.)

the 17x21 cm.(internal: 11,5x18 cm)

In the pictures you can see the medium size, but please let

us know if you desire a different size for your glass portrait).You will be simply amazed by the brightness of our colours and by the transparency of the glass that covers the texture of the frame!

The picture is slid  into a bented layer of plexyglass of good quality, 2.5 mm thick.,that acts as support for the frame. The portraits can be positioned vertically or horizontally.